Magix Plugins

Magix Plugins

Independencee Sampler Workstation

For Music Producers, Live Performers and Sound Designers.

The Independence sampler workstation combines a collection of top-quality sampled instruments with intuitive options for sound design. Independence can be used in three different modes – as a creative tool for music production, effects rack for sound design or host application for live performance. Prices: 2GB Library $65.00  12 GB Library: $130.00   70 GB Library: $330.00


Variverb II


Artificial Reverb Effects

Create reverb exactly the way you want. VariVerb 2 creates various types of reverb based on algorithmic calculations, without using impulse response. Create classic, modern or artificial reverb effects with various parameters such as room, plate, spring, and nonlinear reverb with this high-quality plugin. Price: $199.00


Magix Vandal Amp Design 

Vandal Custom Amp Design

What could be better than designing your own amp? With the program’s variable interface for amps and cabinets, you can combine components from different amps and speakers. This lets you customize your sound and manipulate it according to your needs. Price: $199.00 


Magix essentialFX Suite 

MAGIX essentialFX Suite

The essentialFX Suite is a high-quality collection of 11 top-quality VST plug-ins for studio mixing and effects. Price: $199.00 


Magix Analog Modelling Suite Plus 

MAGIX Analogue Modelling Suite Plus

Compressor, tube preamp, transient designer and a mastering dynamics tool: these four high-quality VST plug-ins simulate the classic sound design of legendary analog audio tools. Price: $199.00


Magix Vintage Effects Suite 

MAGIX Vintage Effects Suite

A collection of three VST plugins for outstanding sound design, with vintage style chorus, flanger, delay and filter effects.  Price: $119.00 


LC1 Automatic Real Time Loudness Adjustment


 This plug-in has been designed for use in both production and broadcasting. LC1 controls loudness as well as loudness range (LRA). Price: $1,359.00