About Roland


During the early 70′s, Country Roland became popular by recording old Spanish songs with a different genre. Today that genre is known as Country Roland Style. Although Country Roland Sr (photo in middle) was the “Star” of the show, Rolando Garcia Jr (early photo on left) was a major force behind the scenes. He would play most of the instruments in the recording sessions as well as organize the stage layout, lights, and sound.

In the 80′s, Rolando Jr had left the music business to start a custom cabinet business in order to provide for his family.  In 1999, one of his sons wanted to get into the music business and Roland Jr decided to start again to help his son. He was asked by many friends to play for their private parties as well as many promoters and club owners wanted the “Roland Garcia” style of music for their establishments, so Roland became very popular with the locals as well as Winter Texans. A year or so before Country Roland Sr passed away, Roland Sr asked Roland Jr to carry on the tradition which made Roland’s dad Country Roland Sr very happy due to he wasn’t in physical shape to do many shows and concerts any more. So Rolando Garcia Jr became “Country Roland Jr” (photo on right) which made Roland Sr very happy to see the tradition continue.

In mid 2011, the original Producer and Recording Engineer Paul Westbrook (who worked with his dad Country Roland Sr in the 70′s), moved back to South Texas and opened a production facility where Roland Jr recorded his “Tribute To Country Roland Sr” CD. Since Roland Jr and Paul had been friends for many years, producing projects together became a continuous pleasure for both and are now in the middle of producing another CD.To date, Paul & Roland produced more than 20 songs Country Roland Sr had released and puts a few in his performances but has developed his own style which most of his fans seem to like. Roland Jr has recorded more than 10 of original songs at StudioOutback and recently released. Stay tuned for many more original songs by Roland, (Jr that is).